Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Loudonville

We are an active, faithful, personable congregation in a vibrant community and you are invited to become involved, meet new friends, and make a difference.

Sanctuary Purple

Become involved, meet new friends, and make a difference.

By having a spiritual connection with God and strong, supportive relationships with each other, we are able to reach out and be a “church for others”.  The Holy Spirit works through us by:

  • welcoming and supporting each person’s faith journey,
  • encouraging the discovery, growth, and use of each person’s strengths and talents,
  • inviting everyone to participate in service and mission activities, and
  • providing gestures of grace, compassion, community, and hope.

The people of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church strive to respond to the needs of the community and the world.

We are all beloved children of God, including YOU!

Worship Spaces

Gathering together to praise God is central to the life of the people of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Loudonville. To help make your worship experience more comfortable, our sanctuary offers the following features:

  • Hearing assistance with sound-amplified worship
  • Fully accessible facilities, including the sanctuary and restrooms
  • Children are always welcome in worship; resources are provided for “quiet play”
  • We adjusted Sunday worship time to begin and end at a time that allows families to still attend while also taking part in other activities that they have scheduled, having their own personal family time etc.
  • Our church has invested in technology and equipment that would make the delivery of a virtual service much easier and more enjoyable for church members.
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Sunday school for all ages runs concurrently with the Worship service.
  • A Fellowship hour that is right after our Worship service.